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Iwate prefecture starts its very own Pokémon adventure

The northern Japanese prefecture of Iwate has received an official mascot Pokémon from the Pokémon Company Japan.
Iwate now has the rock-type Pokémon, Geodude, by its side to help it along its journey.

Geodude’s joining of Iwate comes as part of the ‘Pokémon with you’ campaign, which gives Pokémon mascots to areas still recovering from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It’s hoped that Geodude will help bring tourists to the area and boost the local economy.
There’s even a catchy song (in Japanese) that’s been released by the Pokemon Company to mark the occasion and show off some of Iwate’s best features.

Geodude was chosen to be Iwate’s partner because Iwate’s name in kanji characters (岩手) translate as ‘Rock Hands’ and Geodude is essentially a rock with hands.

Geodude’s new legs also gained a lot of attention on the web, with their fetching chequered trousers. Whilst people understood that the technology for making floating mascot costumes isn’t quite there, they did question the style choice.

Source: Huffington Post Japan
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