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Okinawan Culture in Tokyo and London

If you were anywhere near Tokyo in mid-May you can’t have missed the Okinawa Music Festival!
Tokyo’s iconic Yoyogi Park hosted a celebration of Okinawan food, culture and music over the weekend of 18th-19thMay. What better way to spend a weekend, right?

You could check out cultural arts and traditional dances, but it’s the outdoor live music that really drew people in. The bands were divided up across three areas: the Main Stage, with native Okinawan artists performing, the Coloured Wind stage, presenting traditional arts and the New Style stage where young musicians showed off the future of music in the region.

This was also a great chance to try out Okinawan foods like Orion beer, Chanpuru stir fry, and Okiniwa’s unique alchohol; Awamori!
You could stay cool with supplies from the Blue Seal Ice-cream company (born in America, raised in Okinawa!).

You may be sad to have missed the Okinawa Music Festival or not been able to make it Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, but we have some amazing news for you!

This Saturday, 22nd June, there is an Okinawa Day at Spitalfields in London. Okinawa Day has an incredible programme with music, culture, dancing, food & drink and much more from all over the Okinawan islands showcased in the centre of London from morning ’til night.

What an opportunity to experience Okinawan culture right here in London – Let’s hope the Okinawan spirit keeps the rain away!
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