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“ANIME SONGS PARTY!” Will Be Inviting Yoshiki Fukuyama on May 29 (Sun) and Jun 6 (Sun) Broadcasts Delivering Exclusive Studio Session

Yoshiki Fukuyama has released his new album ‘SPACE BIRD’ on 4th May

“ANIME SONGS PARTY!” is a radio program by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting that
connects the world with anime songs (on air every Sunday from 8:30pm to 8:45pm (JST)).
The program brings you exclusive studio sessions of anime songs every week from the
studio. It has been confirmed that Yoshiki Fukuyama will be the guest for the May 15 (Sun)
and May 22 (Sun) broadcasts.

Yoshiki Fukuyama was the singing voice for the main character in the anime “MACROSS 7” in 1994. An album released by FIRE BOMBER (a band from the anime) “LET’S FIRE” was a big hit,
the album was awarded Japan Gold Disc Award and Best Album Of The Year under anime
category. In May 2000, Yoshiki joined one of the top anisong groups in Japan “JAM Project”. As
a solo artist, Yoshiki have contributed to lots of anime series such as “Overman King Gainer
(King Gainer Over!)” “Kamen no Maid Guy (Wakugai!!)” as well as for PC games such as “Okiba
ga Nai! (Kemono ni Nare!)” “Houkago no Futekikakusha (Nue no Mori)”. One of his most
popular songs is “Makka na Chikai” which was an opening song for the anime “Busou Renkin”
in 2006. In January 2022 Yoshiki performed in “MACROSS 7 BASARA EXPLOSION 2022 from FIRE
BOMBER Supported by SANKYO” that was held in Yokohama, Osaka (2 days), and Tokyo. Yoshiki
released his first album in 5 years “SPACE BIRD” on May 4th (Wed).

The program will feature Yoshiki Fukuyama talking about the appeal of anime songs, as well
as a studio session of anime songs from Nippon Cultural Broadcasting radio studio. The session
will also be uploaded on the YouTube channel of “ANIME SONGS PARTY!” after the radio
broadcast. The program is now accepting emails to Yoshiki Fukuyama. You can send your e-mail

You can also watch a video of the studio session with YOU-TA and LIN from a group of 5
“MADKID”, who appeared as a guest on May 15 (Sun). They sang an opening song of the
anime “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2”, “Bring Back” with the program’s radio
personalities Yohei Onishi and Kanako Kotera (temporarily replacing Hikari Hinata).
※MADKID will also make a guest appearance on May 22 (Sun).

Left to right: Kanako Kotera, MADKID YOU-TA, LIN (featured guest on 15th & 22th May) and Yohei Onishi

“ANIME SONGS PARTY!” will cooperate with overseas media and events related to anime
and Japanese culture such as “Anime News Network (USA)”, “Manga News (France)”, “HYPER
JAPAN (UK)”, and “GwiGwi (Indonesia)” to promote and deliver the videos and studio session
that will be uploaded on YouTube to the anime song fans around the world. The program
welcomes all the anime song fans to be part of the show through various platforms such as
YouTube and TikTok, etc. With the theme “enjoying anime songs together” the program will
feature anime songs sung and performed by listeners and anime song fans not only in Japan
but also around the world.

【Program Information】
□Program Name: ”ANIME SONGS PARTY!”
□Radio Personalities: Yohei Onishi, Hikari Hinata (Singing Cosplayer Hikari)
□On Air: Nippon Cultural Broadcasting FM91.6MHz/AM1134kHz/
Every Sunday from 8:30pm to 8:45pm (JST)
□Yoshiki Fukuyama Guest Appearance: May 29 (Sun) & June 5 (Sun) 2022 8:30pm to 8:45pm (JST)
□Twitter:  ※Recommended tag #ANIMESONGSPARTY

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