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Crafty and cute and clean – homemade face masks

Where High-Fashion meets Hygine!

Masks have always been worn in Japan, to prevent disease, to appear more mysterious or just to avoid having to do the full face make up that is often expected of women. More recently they have also become a means of personal expression and a fashion item in their own right.  

In the current crisis and with face masks in high demand people are taking the initiative and making their own face masks which are not only healthy but hip. 

All over social media people are showing off their decoration masks (デコマスク dekomasuku) so here’s a round up of some favourites. 

Streamer Airi in a hand-decorated mask:

Econeco putting the pastel into the home-made mask:

Instagram sewer Chu_chu has a wide variety of masks on display to go with any outfit:

Econeco putting the pastel into the home-made mask 

Even celebrities are getting in on the action. 

Superstar yurukyara mascot Kumamon makes his own mask:

Have you made your own mask? 

Do you have a favourite that someone else made? 
Share it with us….  

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