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Japanese Cosmetics Recommendations 🍑 Warm-Toned Spring Makeup Looks with Japanese Favorite Canmake

Cherry blossom season is approaching fast, so check out these Japanese spring cosmetic essentials perfect for warmer spring skin tones, for a new look as warm as a gentle spring breeze. All from the beloved Japanese makeup brand Canmake!

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Canmake’s Spring Makeup Must-Haves for Warm & Cool Skin Tones

No trip to Japan is complete without a trip to the drugstore makeup aisle, and Canmake is a favorite on any Japanese cosmetics shopping list, thanks to the brand’s iconic Japanese style, broad selection, and affordable prices. Fortunately, it’s also easily available all over Japan, which means you can find these popular products wherever your travel plans might take you. Canmake offers everything from warm spring products perfect for the warming spring weather, to cool-toned products perfect for skin with more blue and pink undertones. Once you’ve completed your new spring makeup look, we even have a few cherry blossom spot recommendations for spring 2024, so you can make the most of your trip to Japan with shopping and sightseeing!

Silky-Smooth Powder for a Filter-Like Finish

Marshmallow Finish Powder [MI] (🍑)

With warm spring weather already on the horizon, Canmake’s Marshmallow Finish Powder is perfect for anyone worried about an oily face! This powder is a perennial favorite, frequently recommended as one of the best Japanese face powders, and it’s earned a reputation for giving skin a soft, bright look, almost like a photo filter. The powder has received rave reviews from Japanese beauty experts, who often apply the [MI] color (the brightest shade) towards the center of the face for an especially luminous brightening effect! Plus, as we alluded to above, the Marshmallow Finish Powder is also good at keeping oil at bay – once applied, the smooth powder feel lasts for a good half a day.

Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~ [03]

With a total of five colors that blend together to help correct uneven tone and leave the skin with a bright, even complexion, Canmake’s ~Abloom~ powder blew up on Japanese social media and has been popular ever since. The fine powder spreads in thin layer across the skin for a lightweight, transparent effect, even when used for touchups throughout the day, for a fresh, clean look.

Brow Products for Unbeatable Definition

Concealer Brow Mascara (🍑)

Boldly pigmented eyebrow makeup is common enough, but for those looking to create a trendy soft brow shape, Canmake’s Concealer Brow Mascara is a revelation. This novel product helps soften the look of thick brows for a cuter effect that’s just the thing for your fresh spring looks. If you’ve been dyeing your brows and you’re tired of all the effort, or you just want to try out a different shade as part of a different eye look, give this Concealer Brow Mascara a try!

Smart MINI Eyebrow Color [02] (🍑) & [03]

After prepping your brows with the product above, now it’s time to add color! The Smart MINI Eyebrow Color in shade [02] has a muted tone without too much yellow, making it a great addition to your warm spring makeup look. Canmake put particular effort into perfecting the brush, too, designing a tool that helps coat every part of your eyebrow, defining each hair for a trendy look. The shade [02] is an ideal basic color for everyday makeup, but for a cute pinkish color perfect for cherry blossom viewing, give [03] (“Sakura Brown”) a try as well!

Easy-to-Use Warm Spring Palettes

Petit Palette Eyes [01] (🍑) & [04]

Canmake’s hottest eye shadow palette for spring 2024, the Petit Palette Eyes in shade [01] has a selection of eight shades ranging from pretty pale to deep and rich, all in a compact package that is easy to use but fits perfectly into your purse pocket or your smallest makeup pouch. The shades in this palette include some of the trendiest finishes iconic to Japanese makeup, with both transparent shimmers and colors with that glossy wet-look shine, and anyone with a thing for pearlescent effects won’t be able to get enough of this 8-shade selection. It’s a must-have that you’ll want to have on-hand when putting together your warm spring looks.

The newest product in the Petit Palette Eyes line, shade [04], is also worth a look, with its selection of soft browns that fit in anywhere, from everyday work to natural looks for ID photos. With a variety of browns and a transparent shimmer, this palette is a practical choice no matter your skin tone.

Plumpuku Coordinate Eyes [03] (🍑)

Want to recreate that cute plump aegyo sal undereye effect that’s so popular among Japanese and Korean celebrities? Canmake’s Plumpuku Coordinate Eyes palettes are made just for that purpose, and shade [03] is a pinkish-beige “milk tea” color perfect for a warm spring look. The different shades within the palette include a fine pearl shimmer, chunkier glitter, and deeper shading tones to complete a classic youthful aegyo sal effect under the eyes. One of the trendiest new makeup techniques in Japan is called “mid-face shortening” (中顔面短縮), making the face look a little more compact and cute, and this handy little palette is ideal for helping you to achieve the look. If you’ve got warm-toned skin and love cute, youthful makeup, you’ll want to give this one a try.

➕ For Cool Tones: Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type) [M07]

Wondering what to use if warmer shades don’t match your skin tone? This Canmake’s palette’s dusky mauve pinks enhance cool-toned skin with a natural look, giving cool-toned beauty lovers nothing not to like. The palette comes with three matte shades and one pearl shimmer, so even on a busy day, this one palette will help you put together a quick, easy, and elegant eye look. For these unique Japanese eyeshadows, even the matte colors have a luxurious luster to them that elevates the end effect, so you’ll want to give them a try.

Ultra Fine-Line 1.5 mm Eyeliner

Creamy Touch Liner [09] (🍑) & [11] (🍑)

Despite being a pencil, this slim 1.5 mm eyeliner gives you the freedom to draw precisely across your eyelid, creating whatever shape you desire. Because the pigmented core is extremely thin, and the pencil allows you to twist it up when the tip starts to become a nub, you don’t even need a separate eye pencil sharpener. The soft gray brown of shade [11] (Cloudy Gray) is especially versatile, great for warm-toned spring makeup, and just about any other look too. The rosy terracotta pink of shade [09], on the other hand, can be used under the eyes or on the outer corner for a radiance to match the pink spring cherry blossoms!

Striking Eyelashes That Look Straight From the Eyelash Curler

Quick Lash Curler [BR] (🍑)

This unique mascara doesn’t just deposit pigment on your lashes, it actually curls them as well! Between the unique formula that lends your lashes a strong curling power, and the comb-style brush for easy application, Canmake’s Quick Lash Curler isn’t like any old mascara found overseas. Sweep the product from the roots to the ends of every little eyelash, and you’ll be left with bouncy eyelashes that won’t droop throughout the day, almost like a great new eyelash curler. For your warm spring look, use the comb to neatly coat your lashes with the [BR] Brown color.

➕ For Cool Tones: Quick Lash Curler [TG]

For people with cool-toned skin who are tired of regular old jet-black mascara, we recommend trying out Canmake’s [TG] shade instead, a soft taupe grey shade that works well with lighter spring looks.

Velvety Blush for Cheeks Like a Watercolor Painting

Cream Cheek (Pearl Type) [P01] (🍑)

If you’re looking for the kind of delicate wash of color that graces the cheeks of Japanese magazine models, you’ll want to try the pearlescent version of Canmake’s Cream Cheek. The smooth formula makes it easy to apply with your fingers without any unseemly clumping, and the pearl shimmer gives your skin a flawless smooth look. As a perfect warm spring color, the coral pink of shade [P01] is the way to go.

➕ For Cool Tones: Cream Cheek (Pearl Type) [P05]

Cooler skin tones will look especially good with the refreshing lavender pink of shade [P05], and since this pale-colored blush is mixed with plenty of white pigment, you can apply it towards the front of your cheeks for a translucent highlight effect that will leave your face glowing.

Best-Selling Moisturizing Lipsticks They Can Hardly Keep on the Shelves

Muchi Puru Tint [02] (🍑) & [05]

For the finishing touches on this warm spring look, we can’t leave out Canmake’s Muchi Puru Tint, a best-selling lipstick so frequently recommended by beauty lovers on the internet, that trendy new colors regularly sell out. The glass-like glossy finish and the delicate pigmentation make the product a perfect choice for an easy on-trend swipe of color, while simultaneously leaving your lips soft and moisturized. The most popular shade of this lipstick is also a perfect choice for warm spring skin tones, as [02] Peach gives lips a hint of corally pink color, right along the lines of the “bunny tongue lipgloss” trend currently taking over social media. (We mentioned that this tint is popular, but shade [02] really has been selling out all over the place, so if you see it on the shelves we recommend you grab it ASAP.)

For lipstick connoisseurs who prefer a slightly deeper, more vibrant shade on their lips, we recommend the newest shade [05] Fig Puree.

Try This Canmake Warm Spring Makeup Look!

With just a handful of popular Canmake products, we’ve put together a fun, fresh warm spring makeup look perfect for a warm spring day! Not only can you easily find Canmake cosmetics in drugstores all around Japan, but their low prices make these products especially easy to get your hands on. On your next trip to Japan, whether your skintone is warm spring or any other shade, it’s not hard to find the perfect Canmake products for you, so try them out while exploring the country!

▶︎ The products used in our warm spring makeup look are marked with a peach (🍑) emoji for your convenience!

Go See Japan’s Cherry Blossoms with Your New Spring Look

There’s no better feeling than starting your day with a cute makeup look that matches the season, so once you’ve finished your face, it’s time to enjoy spring in Japan to the fullest! Check out four of our favorite must-see cherry blossom spots for 2024 in two of Japan’s most popular sightseeing cities, Tokyo and Osaka.


Walk the broad boulevards or take a break by the pond to enjoy the 1,000+ cherry blossom trees spread across the broad landscape of Ueno Park, one of Tokyo’s most famous sakura spots. For sightseers, Ueno Park is a long-time favorite thanks to its abundance of museums, galleries, and even the illustrious Ueno Zoo, which offer plenty of entertainment to enjoy along with the gorgeous cherry blossoms. It’s even easy to get to from the airport, so if efficiency is your goal, Ueno Park is a great option.

Another of Tokyo’s iconic cherry blossom spots is Chidorigafuchi Park, a part of the picturesque park space surrounding the Tokyo Imperial Palace, but also a favorite among local working in the many offices nearby. Many of the park’s weeping cherry trees cast sweeping branches down towards the waters of the large palace moat, so renting a boat and getting out on the water is one of the best ways to enjoy the flowers.

Ueno Park (上野恩賜公園)
Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo
Official Website (en)

Chidorigafuchi Park (千鳥ヶ淵公園)
Sanbancho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Official Website (jp)


Osaka might be best known for its amazing food culture and buzzing nightlife, but the cherry blossoms in this Kansai city are just as beautiful as anywhere in Japan, and the area has its fair share of popular cherry blossom viewing spots. The Osaka Castle Park and the Expo’70 Commemorative Park each offer huge landscapes dotted with masses of pink cherry blossoms, planted with 4,000 and 5,500 cherry blossom trees respectively. From castles and historical exhibitions to modern art pieces, each of the locations also has plenty of other entertainment, along with ample space for cherry blossom viewing picnics, so we would happily recommend either destination as a place to soak up the spring in Osaka.

Osaka Castle Park (大阪城公園)
1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka
Official Website (jp)

Expo’70 Commemorative Park (万博記念公園)
Senribanpakukoen, Suita, Osaka
Official Website (en)

For Popular Japanese Cosmetics, Shop for Canmake at Drugstore Near You

For the ultimate spring trip to Japan, cherry blossom viewing at some of the country’s most beautiful parks is a must, and the perfect warm and cool-toned spring makeup products can make the experience even better! (You want to look your best when you’re taking all those pictures in front of the cherry blossoms.) Canmake boasts high-quality cosmetics that far surpass the brand’s affordable price point, and their products can easily be found at drugstores all over the country, so on your next trip to Japan, pick up some Japanese makeup as the perfect souvenir!

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