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Kirby Serves Up a Magical Summer Menu

Think Pink

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s roundest and most iconic characters. He may have a super basic design, but then why change what’s already perfect. The last time we saw Kirby was in last year’s boss battling game Super Kirby Clash, but now everyone’s favourite little pink beach ball is set to make his return. Only this time he’s appearing on our taste buds instead of our games consoles.

As a famous glutton, Kirby has been known to chow down on trains, trees, tanks and even royal penguins. Maybe he’s not a picky eater but he certainly has experience when it comes to chowing down. Hopefully that gives him an advantage as he whips up a summer menu.

Japan’s Cute Kirby Cafés

There have been pop-up event cafés for Kirby in the past, but Japan is home to the only two permanent Kirby Cafés in the world in Tokyo and Hakata. If you’re looking for kawaii merchandise and themed dishes these two cafes are a must visit destination!

So what does warmer weather mean for Kirby Café? Redecorated with a beaches and everlasting summer theme, a limited edition menu and some brand new souvenirs to get your hands on! All this will be heading to both the Tokyo and Hakata locations starting from July 9th up until September 13th, right as the summer heat is reaching its peak.

Out of this world Drinks

Help is on hand to stay cool, with the light blue ‘Planet Misteen’ drink (named after location in 2018’s Kirby Star Allies). The café has been quiet on details, but the Planet Misteen is looking particularly fruity and refreshing, complete with star shaped ice cubes. The second drink on offer is the ‘Marriage of truth and lies’, a dramatically named mix that looks more like a holiday in space than at the beach. The Planet Misteen is twice as pricy at 1,980円, but that includes a stylish Mason jar glass, with a charming Kirby and Waddle Dee motif.

Snacks from paradise

Enough temptation, you’ve refreshed yourself so let’s get to the food! The two desserts follow the beach theme with servings of tropical fruit topped off with sweets. There’s a layered frozen parfait finished with mint and cherry, and the ‘Kirby’s Summer Holiday 2020’ which finally turn the tables and let’s you eat Kirby.

For the main dish, why not order the Gapao style rice bowl and get a munching Kirby lunch box to take home? There’s also handmade pizza fresh from the café’s instore pizza oven, and there’s a special edition plate to take home whether you eat in or get the pizza to go. Plus you get some special stickers, with Kirby showing off his kitchen skills.

I’ve left the best until last, because this dish features fan favourite, Chef Kawasaki (better known as the assist trophy in Smash bros Ultimate). No one is getting into the beach theme more than him, buried up to his neck and totally at ease in ‘Chef Kawasaki’s good mood everlasting summer seafood’.

So as summer heats up, try to head over to one of the Kirby Cafés, and inhale some adorable refreshments!

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