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Love Takoyaki? Show It Off With These Fashion Forward Styles From Gindaco & Rageblue

Ever wanted to share your passion for Japanese food and octopus balls with the world? Here’s your chance!

Source: Gindaco

When talking about Japanese food, takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls) isn’t usually the first dish to get mentioned, especially when compared to favorites like sushi and ramen. But just about any traveler who eats their way through the western city of Osaka will assure you that these round morsels of magma-hot batter and meaty chunks of octopus, slathered in sweet sauce and dusted with katsuobushi, are the crown jewels of the Kansai Region. The true dilemma is this: after you’ve burned the roof of your mouth on these delectable octopus bites, how do you share your burning passion with the world?

No need to used that singed tongue, thanks to this intriguing collaboration between takoyaki chain Gindaco and the stylish casual clothing brand Rageblue, you can wear your heart on your sleeve! (Or your hat!)

Source: Gindaco

The takoyaki-themed clothing line was made available from Rageblue at the beginning of August, and the offerings include more than just a lame branded t-shirt or two. The line includes whole takoyaki outfits, so fashionable foodies can cover themselves from head to toe in Gindaco takoyaki. Octopus balls and lively octopuses skateboard across casual collared shirts and matching shorts, socks and sandals, bucket hats and shoulder bags, plus a selection of t-shirts and other accessories. The whole look is very dad-on-a-camping-trip, but when worn by young models enjoying takoyaki in the woods, it’s undeniably fashionable.

Source: Gindaco

The final temptation for true takoyaki fans is the discounted takoyaki. Bring the tag from your Gindaco x Rageblue item to a local Gindaco location, and you can exchange it as a coupon for 100 yen off any 8-piece takoyaki order.

Source: Gindaco

If you find yourself drawn in by the skateboarding octopus flip flops or the towel featuring a lady eating takoyaki, the items are being sold in a few places online, including Rageblue’s own official webshop. In terms of price, the items vary wildly, from ridiculously expensive polyester shorts that come in at over 5,000 yen, to somewhat more reasonable 1,100 yen socks, so you’ll just have to let your love of takoyaki guide you!

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Name: Gindaco x Rageblue


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