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MIKUROMIKA – Harajuku all grown up

J-pop singer-songwriter MIKUROMIKA breaks out with her brand new single Product Boy – combining elements of house, vocal trance and MIKA’s trademark sleek vocals. Her debut album, MIKUROPOP is coming out on the 23rd of July from Setsuzoku records, so we caught up with MIKUROMIKA to find out about her Harajuku roots and how she became the embodiment of a new wave of J-pop.

Join MIKA during HYPER JAPAN ONLINE for an online fan meet & greet session on the 21st of June and for an exclusive premiere of her upcoming music video from MIKUROPOP!


Tell us about your first band “3cro adventure”.

3cro Adventure was J-POP group which included two singers a rapper. And I was a singer and composer for the group.

What are your highlights from performing all over the world?

In 2017, I performed in NYC, Toronto, Florida and Toronto again. It was so busy but performing in all of these places within the same year was really exciting! A taste of touring maybe!

I got such great feedback and it was a real boost to my confidence as a performer. Music is truly universal and I want to share my energy and bring my music to more and more people. 

What made you want to become a singer again after leaving the music world?

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and I was thinking that if my life had limits – like just few months or even few days – what would I want to do ? Then I realized that I want to sing more.

I really wanted to challenge myself to be worldwide singer. I’m ok now but I refuse to live with limits!

How does it feel to be releasing your debut solo album after all this time?

I’m so glad that it’s happening! It was one of my goals in my life. My team (label, manager, producers) and I didn’t have a lot of time for it, but we all did our best. This is an amazing album and I’m really proud of it. I really appreciate that I have an amazing team behind me. 


What does “Mikuropop” mean to you?

My music is J-POP because I’m singing in Japanese and English, but I don’t think it’s typical J-POP. I’m making my music with people from the world and use influences from across all of pop music and of course my inspiration from art and fashion. So I made my own music genre  “MIKUROPOP” to combine all of these things. 

What can you tel us about your collaboration with producer DeltaOuji and others on the album?

I met DeltaOuji and Michael Staple a few years ago and I’ve been working with them on music since. We’re all living in different countries but that’s why my J-POP is adding other spices and becoming MIKUROPOP. Also they believe in my potential and want to help me. I really appreciate it.

DeltaOuji became executive producer on the album because he produced and mixed most of the music and also did the graphic design! I’m really happy his influence could be not only sound but visual too. 

How have you found connecting with fans online during the pandemic?

From two years ago, I started live-streaming on many apps and interacted with people from all over the world, particularly on Instagram live.

Nowadays we can communicate through social media even if we are living different countries. I’m trying to communicate with my fans everyday!!

What J-fashion brands do you recommend for everyone in the UK?

My favorite fashion designer is Yuka Hatakeyama! I wore her costume for the album photoshoot.

Also vintage store called “PIN NAP ” is a great place to get cool looks. It’s in Harajuku and all vintage clothes are so unique. So when the world is welcomed back to Japan, please have a look!

Do you have a message for HYPER JAPAN fans?

I’m so excited to show MIKUROPOP to you guys. I want everyone to listen to and share in my new J-POP style.

Also I would love to communicate with you guys on social media, please come to say hi and chat in the livestreams!

Thank you so much 😊

So don’t forget to stream new single Product Boy here.

Catch up with MIKA on social media – and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more MIKUROMIKA at HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021!

Twitter: @3cro_mika





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