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Sega Collaboration café and Boku no Hero Academia team up!

Sega’s special collaboration cafés have hosted some fantastic combination campaigns in the past, including crossovers with anime like Bleach, Osomatsu San, Naruto, Black Clover and Sword Art online (as well as plenty of others!).

The Collab Café based in Ikebukuro hosted a limited time event with the popular anime My Hero Academia back in February, which must have been successful, since the characters will be returning for another team up starting from October 12th and continuing up until November 24th!

During this campaign themed dishes and merchandise featuring stars of the show will be available for sale. The favourites are likely to be the 600円 themed jelly drinks, each mixed to represent a different hero. Fans of the hot-headed Bakugo can grab a fiery orange juice and jelly, or maybe a milk and grape jelly soda if you’re a loyal supporter of Midoriya. Tsuyu Asui, the hero with frog based super powers, has a grape and peach juice drink looks a little too like pond water for me.

Most hot drinks on the menu will also be promoting the anime, with a slight bump in price to 700円 but some really impressive coffee art of different characters. If the caffeine in that coffee isn’t waking you up, seeing All Might cheering you on from the cup might give you that morning motivation you need. These come with unique coasters, although the one you’ll receive is random. No picking your favourite hero!

Aside from the drinks, many of the other menu items and freebies will be changing halfway through the event, with new coasters, mains, and desserts arriving after November 2nd. In total, there will be four mains on offer and four desserts. My favourites have to be the mains represented by Todoroki and Bakugo: spicy donburi for Bakugo and some fire and ice tomato cheese pasta from Todoroki, (cheese on one side, sauce on the other.) The crunchy vegetable and seafood tempura donburi is definitely a creative way to express Eijiro Kirishima’s ability to harden his body to make it tougher. In terms of the desserts, the mini team up between All Might and Aizawa for a banana and ice cream waffle combo just looks adorable.

The price of the food ranges from about 900-1,200円, but if you’d rather just get a drink, you could use that money you saved to check out the special merchandise on sale! Goods that you can get your hands on include holographic metal badges, big acrylic keychains and high quality publicity style shots of different characters. The good thing about having so many options here is that if your favourite character is a bit more minor and doesn’t get that much screen time, you might still have a chance of picking up something to show your dedication.

If you do feel tempted to visit the Sega Collab café, I’m going to suggest that you do go for it and get a full meal with a drink. Not only will you get that free coaster, but you’ll also receive a free publicity shot of one of the main characters; collect them all and you can join them to make one connected autumn background.

If you’re a fan of Boku no Hero Academia and you’re hanging around the area, reserve a table at Sega Ikebukuro Collab Café and get that merch!

Sega Collab Café

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