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The train that’s covered in Mice

The train that’s covered in Mice…!

The Japanese shinkansen (bullet trains) are an engineering marvel capable of travelling of up to 200 mph and they run across Japan. For a little while, JR West have been running a special Shinkansen between Hakata and Shin-Osaka. They started with the Evangelion 500 series shinkansen which ran until 2018 and are currently running the Hello Kitty shinkansen once a day.

© Disney

But now JR Kyushu have thrown their hat into the ring and announced their own character collaboration version, the waku waku trip shinkansen with Mickey Mouse. The service will run between Kagoshima and Hakata (where you can jump on the Hello Kitty Shinkansen) via Kumomoto. The outside of the train has been covered in special artwork along with the themes of adventure, discovery, wonder and enjoyment.

© Disney

This isn’t just a paint job though, the inside of the carriages has been specially designed with Mickey Mouse and other decorations. Of course, no collaboration would be complete in Japan without an enormous range of limited-edition character goods, including socks, pens, pencils, pin badges and even aprons.

© Disney

The limited-edition Mickey Mouse shinkansen service will run until November this year, so if you’re hoping to get your waku waku on you’d better get booking soon.

Sources: PR Times via Pouch

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