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This plush toy hospital will melt your heart.


My first friend in life was a woollen frog named Kero-chan (kero ケロ is how frogs croak in Japanese), with long limbs which would wrap around my small baby body, he was my protector in my early days and a dear friend.

you’ve got a friend in me”

Now, he sits in the back of a wardrobe, dusty and forgotten.

For many kids around the world, their plush toys are a crucial member of their family. But through all the days of play they can wear down over the years, often proving fatal for our cuddly inanimate buddies, who lack the regenerative capabilities like us humans.

Whether it be a missing eye, tired stuffing or a broken tail, the plush-toy hospital in Japan is here to fix any ailment your teddy might have.

The hospital promises 3 things when interacting with its customers:


All operations are performed to a very high standard by experienced on-site doctors. With close to 6000 cases tended to thus far, the hospital is well versed in many fields such as dermatology, skin/hair transplants or plastic surgery.

Chief consultant Dr. Hoggles diagnoses patients before sending them to their specialist doctor.
Delicate skin-transplants while maintaining old fur
All kinds of surgeries are performed in the ICU


The mental wellbeing of the patients are of utmost importance to the hospital; nurses are on-site to look after patients 24 hours of the day and services such as cuddling are provided by specialist teams, to look after the patients and prevent them from feeling homesick while away from their home and children.

Trained nurses are on-site 24/7.
Professional cuddlers tend to patients.

Storytime for the patients.


The hospital assures that the plush toys are discharged happy and healthy by making its stay a memorable experience. From fun parties to making new friends, their hospital stay needn’t be a scary time.

The on-site photographer captures your (toy’s) memories.
Long-lost brothers reunite, aided by nurses.
The patients hold a party for their friend’s discharge.

The chief physician tells us the hospital’s slogan; “you can do it teddies! we are here to protect the daily life with your teddies. Family members can live happier and more relaxed when their precious plush is in a healthy state, knowing this, our staff can work every day with a smile on their face.”

The hospital CEO Dr. Keronyo tells us their story.

The hospital works on a reservations-only basis, and discharged patients are returned to their homes in a cardboard bus. The repair process allows the toys to play for years more to come and the hospital claims to provide excellent aftercare too.

Do you have any toys you would like to get repaired? This hospital will make sure they not only return healthy but that they (and you, hopefully) will have a great experience through it.


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