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Too cute or too crazy? Pikachu weddings!

Have you ever wondered what a wedding organised by Pikachu would be like? At long last, the answer to that tempting question has arrived.

Escrit, the Japanese wedding company, is offering a genuine, 100% Nintendo certified marriage ceremony hosted and themed around the world famous electric mouse. There’s no time to ask why, because they’re already being held as we speak, with the final available booking set at the end of 2020.

As might be expected, selecting this Pikachu package means a few unusual additions to your special day. To start with, you’ll have two extra guests present, huge Pikachu much like the ones we’ve seen at major events like the recent Yokohama Pikachu festival. This romantic couple will of course be in formal attire, wearing something a little different at each event, a nice touch to keep an already unconventional wedding a bit more personal. This pair of adorable attendees will be there to walk the bride and groom down the aisle, which might be a bit of surprise if your father thought he’d be taking that role (you might even say, a shock).

There are plenty of special decorations and gifts, but it’s fitting to start with the most important, which is of course: the Pikachu themed marriage certificate. I’m not certain how acceptable this is as a legal document, but I can’t deny this looks like a fully-fledged certificate. I’m deciding that on the basis that no amount of Japanese bureaucracy is worth filling in one of these just for a souvenir.

You’ll find the more light hearted features of the themed marriage at the Bridal Fair. As they enter, guests will be greeted with a Pikachu welcoming board, a brief introduction to an event filled with special items. If they happen to interested, guests can pick up their own copy of the marriage certificate, or a commemorative bag unique to the Pokémon wedding displaying two Pikachu.

On the walls you’ll find floral decorations surrounding images of even more Pikachu, on the tables you’ll find Pikachu napkins and Pokémon plushies, and on their plates, guests will find a crazy amount of Pikachu dishes. Pokémon themed cafes may have plenty of variety, but since they tend to only offer snacks and drinks they would really struggle to compete with the amazing amount of main courses themed around the electric mouse. Most of the food manages to display the wedding mascot by adding Pikachu tails to each serving, which brings up more uncomfortable questions as to whether Pokémon can actually be eaten. Escrit claims the meals are so cute it’s almost a shame to eat them. Did someone have to decide which wine pairs best with Pikachu tail?

The desserts look just as good, featuring tiny macaroon Pokéballs and pikachu faces drawn out in chocolate. The centerpiece for the desserts is of course the wedding cake, which is decked out with Pokémon macaroons, chopped fruit, and yet another huge Pokémon motif. I’m not sure how I’d feel about having about the Pokémon company copyright written on my wedding cake though.

So many of the details here are somehow produced with Pokémon in mind, including the cakes served at each table, cute tins of sweets and even the boxes to take those personal gifts back home!

What Nintendo and Escrit are offering is very, very over the top. If you’re that much of a fan of pikachu though, (or even if you’re not) a wedding like this would undeniably be hard to forget.

Article source: Pokemon Japan and Escrit

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