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Your #HJMemory

Because sharing is caring!

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been asking all of out fans on social media to share with us their favourite memories of the past 10 years of HYPER JAPAN, by using the hashtag #HJMemory !

We were blown away by the sheer volume of pics and comments you sent us – so here are some of our favourites!

“Getting to take part in the first COSTest competition even though my wings broke on stage.”
Thank you Sarah Brougham!

“Appearing in my first Cosparade last summer (and getting in the recap video).That was so much fun, but so nerve-racking behind the stage ready to go on.”
Thank you Sun Sakura Cosplay and Photography aka ABCospix!

Thank you Emma Louise!

“I saw the giant teacup last year. I had to.”
Thank you Jack Parker!

“My best friend debuted her idol project last hyperjapan on the street live stage.”
Thank you Gemma Izzy Lowe!

“My favorite HJmemory was my first Hyper Japan last year! ? A highlight was meeting Rilakkuma as well as sampling all the food and meeting other BABYMETAL fans in the crowds ???”
Thank you Toby Hagen!

“Playing 8 player smash for the first time ever”
Thank you Daniel Bourne!

“The first year I volunteered at Hyper Japan, I was at the Sake Experience. I had so much fun, partly because the guy running my stall, Sano, kept insisting that I lubricate my throat with that yuzu liquor I am holding. It was a good day.”
Thank you Trent L. Cannon!

“I love a lot of vk but meeting Lost Ash in 2015 stands out coz they were so nice and I know they disbanded now but still one of my fav. And of course @lovebites_jp  in 2017 I love them so much and Miho is so cool and *gush* “
Thank you 花ちゃん!

“Meeting @MitsuhiroArita  was a personal goal of mine, and Hyper Japan made it happen last year.” 
Thank you Braysh Gaming!

“Me and my daughter, we are planning our Tokyo trip for next year already”
Thank you James Curran!

From all our Insta-fans:

Thank you for sharing your HYPER JAPAN memories!!!
We loved seeing them all!

Let’s make more memories again soon!
Mata au sono hi made!

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