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Show off your J-Fashion at the STYLE SHOWCASE


Every year we see your glorious outfits at HYPER JAPAN – and gracing the stage in the J-Fashion show!
HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 gives you the chance to take part in our online fashion show – HYPER Fashion! ONLINE.

If your passion is traditional, harajuku, spank-kei, lolita or any combination or creation – we want to see!
Put on your ichiban kawaii outfit, take a pic and send it to HYPER JAPAN.

As a part of HYPER Fashion! ONLINE you’ll be able to see exclusive content from some of the biggest brands in Japan, showing street styles and the latest looks! We have asked our influencers and friends in the fashion world to take a look at some of your outfits – so be prepared to have comments from J-fashion icons and legends!

Fill in the form below (or linked here) and upload your photos:


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