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Arts & Crafts in the Activity Area

The HYPER JAPAN Activity Area is always a hive of, well, activity, with interesting things to do, experiences to have and fascinating new skills to learn throughout the weekend, HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 is no different and this year’s Activity Area is going to be chock full of fun!

We are delighted to welcome Alice Sushi Art to Festival 2019 with their excellent Origami Brooch making workshop. They will be teaching how to make origami brooches using beautifully patterned and plain high-quality Japanese origami paper.
Designs will include the traditional crane, flowers, hearts and animals. Visit Alice Sushi Art in the Activity Area for more information and don’t miss this wonderful workshop.

In minaart’s Origami Paper Beads workshop, you can learn to make your own bracelet out of beautiful origami paper.

A few quick rolls of the paper and you’ve created your first bead! Next, string the beads together in different colour combinations to express your creativity and individuality.
Since the beads are handmade, if you ever change your mind you can just swap out a bead to enjoy a whole new look. These simple but stylish designs draw the eye and add a touch of traditional beauty to any outfit!

While we all have different likes and dislikes, it’s almost certain that we’d all prefer nice weather to a rainy day. Well, in the HYPER JAPAN Activity Area we have a workshop that can, just maybe, keep the rainy days away for good!
Flapjac will be running a Teru Teru Bouzu workshop, teaching us all about, and how to make, these traditional Japanese handmade dolls which are said to have magical powers to stop rainy days.

Join the millions of Japanese children who make their very own Teru Teru Bouzu every year in the days before school trips, sports days, BBQs and other longed for days out which might otherwise be ruined by rain. The dolls are then hung up chase away the rain and bring on sunnier weather.

Try out the Teru Teru Bozu workshop and see what it can do for your summer plans!

Japanese calligraphy is a beautiful and fascinating artform full of elegance, feeling, refinement and meaning. Learning how to create your own calligraphy art is an exciting and rare opportunity that we are delighted to be able to offer you in the Activity Area at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 thanks to Takako Calligraphy and Arts.

Takako Higgs is a talented and multi-award-winning calligrapher whose work has been displayed in the National Museum of Japan and who recently attempted the Guinness World Record for the longest calligraphy with a 104-metre long piece.
In her calligraphy workshop at HYPER JAPAN, Takako will be teaching the basic strokes and brushwork and helping everyone write their own name.
Every participant will create their own personalised bookmark to take home with their name written in beautiful Japanese calligraphy.

Visit these and many other interesting Japanese cultural workshops in the Activity Area this summer at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.

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