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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Age of Civil Wars Comes to HYPER JAPAN Festival

Yes, a band of fearless warlords are making their way to this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival, but don’t worry; they come in peace. Their mission is to entertain you with their unique musical sound. That’s because The Age of Civil Wars is a mysterious rock band who so far have only appeared in animated form in the two music videos they have released so far. Amazingly, their appearance at HYPER JAPAN will be the first time they’ve ever appeared in the flesh anywhere in the world!

The Sengoku Jidai or age of civil wars in Japanese history took place around the fifteenth century, and was a period of violence and intrigue when great warriors roamed the country. The band’s imagery and music capture the excitement and romance of this time and bring it bang up to date.

The mysterious band calling themselves The Age of Civil Wars first appeared on January 1, 2017. Appearing only as animated avatars in their stylish music videos, the musicians are vocalist Nao-A, Kz on guitars and vocals. So far they have released two singles, Kyoka Ranbu and SAKURA.