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Ai My Maid Serve Up a Maid Café Experience


We’re delighted to welcome back Ai My Maid to HYPER JAPAN, who will be offering their customers an authentic maid café experience. Be prepared to be treated like a goshujin-sama (master) or ojou-sama (mistress) as the maids not only serve up delicious food and drink but also entertain you in any number of ways:

  • You can play games such as Connect 4 or Jenga with them, as well as traditional Japanese festival pursuits such as toy goldfish fishing.
  • You can request a performance such as singing, dancing, drawing, origami or even tarot reading
  • Have a personalised cheki polaroid picture taken with a maid, as a memento of your unforgettable maid café experience!

In addition this year, Ai My Maid will be partnering with fellow HYPER JAPAN guests and musical act Broken Doll, to sell their own brand of quirky and stylish Japan-inspired clothing at their stand in the fashion section.

Ai My Maid are a pop-up maid café group with a traditional Japanese theme mixed with the fun energy of Akihabara’s maid cafés. They aim to give customers a highly enjoyable and unique experience with delicious food and drink, addictive games and entertaining performances. With plenty of prizes to be won and activities to take part in we are sure it will be an amazing experience for everyone.