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BizBear Spreading Kigurumi Love Around The World

Note: This page is from a previous year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market event, please see our schedule for an up-to-date list of performances and activities.

ÒâÆÒéÖÒé¦ÒéÖÒâÿÒéÖÒéó3ÕàäÕ+ƒGet ready to give the fuzzy BIZBEAR brothers a warm welcome to HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, as they make their debut UK appearance! These three bears from KIGURUMI.BIZ are representatives of Japan’s “Yuru-Kyara” (literally: “Loose character”) culture, which has had a major boom in the last half-decade, with some notable characters even achieving overseas fame via the internet.


The three Bizbear brothers came into being as original characters of KIGURUMI.BIZ, and have been in use since May 2010. Originally, they were made for self-promotion, and to observe the quality of their products first-hand by using them at events. The number of Bizbear fans increased as the characters participated in more events and activities, and they also grew to become known as “doctor” characters due to their appearances in those kinds of costumes made by their company. They’re also responsible for handing out bags of candy to children of fans, and other such jobs to support events from backstage.

The mission of the three Bizbear brothers is to “deliver the love”! In fact, this is the mission of the entire company’s staff. This has led them to get involved in activities both in Japan and overseas; by participating in HYPER JAPAN as their first appearance in the UK, they hope to carry out this mission, as well as spreading knowledge of KIGURUMI.BIZ and Japan’s Yuru-kyara culture.