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Calligraphy, what’s it all about then?

Calligraphy is how a bit of ink and a piece of paper are transformed into a beautiful work of art. At HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018, calligraphy will not only be on the HYPER Live! Stage, it’ll also be in the MIYABI and J-Culture Showcase areas!

Sankei Amo on the HYPER Live! Stage

Check out how calligraphy forms shape to become art to the tune of traditional music on the HYPER Live! Stage! Calligraphy artist Sankei Amo dazzles both on stage and on the J-Culture Showcase! Click here for more info!

Takako Calligraphy at the J-Culture Activities

Take your first step into the world of calligraphy with easily digestible workshops. Make your own calligraphy bookmark too! Click here for more info!

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