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Tofu Cute x HYPER JAPAN Candy Festival


If you have A) visited Japan, B) talked with a friend who visited Japan, C) seen photos of Japan, you’ll probably know that Japan has an incredible selection of candy and sweets. In fact there are so many that it’d take you at least a month of solid munching and chewing to make even a dent what’s available.

candy_festival_tray_2015To help you reduce the amount of time and money otherwise spent finding your favourite Japanese candy, HYPER JAPAN and Tofu cute have once again joined forces to bring you the Tofu Cute x HYPER JAPAN Candy Festival area, where you can feast on a huge variety of exciting sweets and snacks, in handy sample-sized portions. These portions have carefully measured by master sweetsmeisters to ensure you enjoy maximum taste before the inevitable sugar crash hits you.

Special tokens called “Tofukens” will be available to purchase, which you can then trade in for a custom selection of sweet treats, ranging from delicious chewy candy to moreish crunchy biscuits, and even shots of ramune soda! We’ll have a large variety of flavours to tickle your taste buds, including strawberry, melon, grape, banana, chocolate, milk, matcha, soda and even wasabi or red bean. Look out for rare flavours of Pocky and Japanese Kit Kat too! Readers who need a quick sugar fix can also find some of these tasty morsels on the Tofu Cute website!


Tofu Cute
Started in 2010, Tofu Cute has grown in leaps and bounds to become of the UK’s premier online retailers of all things Japanese and cute! As if being the official retailer of Amuse products in the UK wasn’t good enough, they’ve also a large offering of Re-Ment, Kracie, UHA, and Monchhichi products as well. With many of their products hard to find elsewhere, it’s no surprise that they’ve come this far. As Tofu Cute operates not only the Candy Festival but also the Dreamy Bows booths, it’s safe to say this name is one to remember. Perhaps a visit to their shop in the port city of Portsmouth is something to plan for a weekend not far away?