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Charisma.comComing to this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival are Japan’s hottest j-pop rap act,! Formed in 2011, this Electro-Rap unit consists of MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi. Starting out posting videos on Youtube, they made their debut EP release with 2013’s “Ai Ai Syndrome” via Lastrum. MC Itsuka works in a goods manufacturing office, while DJ Gonchi works in the office of a precision equipment manufacturer. The skilful MC Itsuka’s flow and the catchy electro sound’s melodies have created something unheard in the genre so far.

Developing a good reputation at events like the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and BAYCAMP, Ai Ai Syndrome won them “Best Kanto Region Artist” at the Japanese CD Shop Awards in 2014, and they took part in the Louis Vuitton organised “Timeless Muses” reception party via a hologram performance.

Their long-awaited 1st full album, “DIStopping”, was released in 2014. Pop visuals were contrasted with poisonous lyrics that ingeniously cast a stone at the lax Heisei era society. Their major debut, “OLest”, was published through warner Music and smashed onto the scene in 2015. The long-awaited second album, “AidoroC”, was released March of 2016.