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Cherry Blossoms Herald Spring – and the HYPER JAPAN Festival!

The sakura cherry blossom viewing season is drawing to a close in Japan. If you were lucky enough to be there in person, we hope you enjoyed it! If you’re not, then don’t worry; this time of year also coincides with the build-up to the annual HYPER JAPAN Festival, which is the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, food and drink.

To say that the Japanese take cherry blossom-viewing seriously is an understatement, with the most celebrated viewing spots crammed full at this time of year, and even the smallest sakura tree fair game for a hanami (blossom-viewing) party complete with sake. More and more international visitors are seizing the opportunity to visit Japan at this special time of year, and manufacturers of food and drink products get in on the act with limited editions of their most popular wares.

By the time the HYPER JAPAN Festival rolls around in July, the cherry blossoms will be a distant memory for another year, but there will be many other aspects of Japanese culture to immerse yourself in. Sake first and foremost, but also great music, food and traditions to give you the best possible Japanese experience this side of Okinawa.

Some people say that the blossoms are at their most beautiful when they scatter, and in a similar vein we have a deluge of exciting new acts and attractions to announce over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!