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Chiptune Masterclass with Shirobon featuring TORIENA

This summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival offers a rare opportunity to learn about Chiptune music from two masters of the genre in an exclusive workshop. Acclaimed artist TORIENA, who is also performing at the festival, will be teaming up with electronic musician Shirobon, who started making music using a Nintendo Game Boy in 2006 and went on to release his first album ‘Golden Apples’. He also runs his own record label, Hyperwave.

In the workshop, Shirobon will explain how to create music using a Nintendo Game Boy. Using the original Game Boy and a cartridge with a music making ROM known as LSDJ burnt onto it, Shirobon will explain step-by-step how Chiptune is created. From the very basics up to sound design and song arrangement there will be something to learn for all levels.

Expect to learn some cool tricks and a bit of history on the Chiptune scene direct from someone who has been involved with it for over ten years! After a fun lesson in pure video game music creation Shirobon will also answer any questions that anyone may have.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Participants will need to bring the following equipment with them to the workshop:

  • A Game Boy that supports the larger cartridges (e.g. original Game Boy, Colour, Advance, etc.)
  • A copy of LSDJ, the music making software for Game Boy, which can be downloaded at
  • A flash cartridge to burn the rom onto. Shirobon recommends a Drag’n’Derp cartridge or Overdrive GB which can both be found at (These two are best as you can connect via USB or SD cart making transferring files very easy)

Better yet – if you don’t have a Game Boy of your own, they’ll be available for sale from one of our exhibitors! More details to come.


Check out Shirobon at Square Sounds here!

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