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Ramen Experience 2017!!

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Kick up your HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 visit a notch with our RAMEN EXPERIENCE, an all-new foodie extravaganza bought to you in partnership with Harro Foods!

Try 4 different soup, and find your favourite taste! You can have a full bowl of your favourite ramen!

SOUP: Miso, Shoyu, Shio and Tonkotsu


1. Get the samples of 4 different soup bases.

2. It’ll be tough, but you must choose your favourite!

3.  Watch a bowl of ramen prepared right in front of you, complete with your chosen soup.

4. Enjoy that personalised bowl of ramen – you’ve earned it.

This Ramen Experience will help beat the winter chill, whilst also giving you the opportunity to learn more about ramen making, and the sheer variety to be discovered. Why not go for a real Japanese experience and see who can slurp their ramen loudest and fastest! It’s quite a skill!

  • Tickets for the Ramen Experience 2017 are now on sale for £5.
  • Tickets are only available to those who love ramen
  • An entry ticket to HYPER JAPAN Christmas must be purchased separately
  • Tickets are available through advance bookings only.
  • If you have booked your entry tickets before 21/09/2017 and wish to add the Ramen Experience tickets, please check your email and find out how to upgrade

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Ramen Blog by Japanese Ramen Blogger
For some of you who might not know how amazing this noodle really is, we’ve invited one of top ramen bloggers, Morimi, to break it down for you!
She loves ramen, so much that she actually wants to become a bowl of ramen! You’re in great hands to lead you all to a better understanding of the delicious world of ramen.


Sponsored by: Harro Foods

Harro Foods is a key contributor to the expanding market for Japanese food in the UK. With over 20 years of experience sourcing items from across Asia, the recent explosion of interest in Japanese food has meant this London based company has become a reliable full-service importer, wholesaler and distributor of ambient and frozen Japanese foods to restaurants and specialty shops throughout the UK. As a company it ensures the highest quality standards and safety of food storage and distribution systems.