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A Code Geass Concert?! Listen, but don’t Look!

The HYPER Live! stage has seen its fair share of “anison” artists over the years, and if you’re familiar with them we won’t blame you if you have an image of a pop idol or a rock band. That said, anime music isn’t just pop tracks and rock riffs. Code Geass is one such image-busting anime where the soundtrack consists mainly of orchestral pieces backed by a chorus. So imagine that live, in concert, with footage from the anime! Yes, that’s right.

The concert is happening on 22 March at the Tokyo Operacity Concert Hall and is expected to feature 40 tracks from the anime soundtrack! Previous Notice, Elegant Force, Stories, Nightmare, Beautiful Emperor, COLORS, and much more!

If the timing feels oddly suspicious, you’ve got it in one. The newest feature-length anime “CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Re;surrection” will hit the silver screen on 9 February and so interest in all things Lelouch will be high! Tickets start at 7,500JPY (VAT inclusive) and go up the ranks to 15,000JPY!! Premium seats come with goodie bags with limited edition items inside so expect those to fly!

Source: PR Times
[Original article in Japanese]