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Colorhythm Risa: Performance(,) Art

Colorhythm RisaWhat do you get when you mix together one large canvas, bottles of paint, music with throbbing beats, street dance, and caricature drawings?

The resulting performance defies all definitions so we have no other choice but to call it “Colorhythm”. Coming to the HYPER Theatre stage this summer, it is the brainchild of “Colorhythm Risa”, a talented Japanese artist.

Watch seemingly random lines of paint take form and come to life before your very eyes on a 3 meter-long, superlarge canvas as Risa whirls around the stage, effortlessly pulling off fluid street-dance moves while painting. She’ll also be doing some caricatures while she’s at it, so raise your hand!

Colorhythm RisaBIOGRAPHY

Colorhythm Risa began her art-dance performances in 2012 – first as part of a group then later on as a solo act. Her performances, both in name and in style, are a portmanteau of “colour” and “rhythm” and have won her accolades and even an award at a 2014 art competition. Her HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 performances will mark her UK debut.