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Crunchyroll: Digital anime heaven

CrunchyrollWe are so very happy to announce that for the first time ever, Crunchyroll will be coming in all its glory to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016! Have a Crunchyroll membership? Then drop by the stand and enter a daily prize raffle! Oh you have a premium membership? Then you’ll also be eligible to win Crunchyboxes, a mystery box of anime goods inside! Premium members can also pick up anime posters and wristbands. Finally, Crunchyroll will have be live streaming the event so if you want to appear on the feed, drop by and say hello!


Crunchyroll is the official destination for the largest and latest lineup of Anime as well as popular drama and Manga. Crunchyroll brings hit shows like Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, and One Piece to millions of viewers around the world and allows them to purchase related merchandise through its online store. Through its app on game consoles, set-top boxes, mobile devices and more, Crunchyroll delivers content from leading Asian media producers directly to viewers translated professionally in multiple languages. The service is available for free or through a premium offering that allows users to watch ad-free with access to simulcasts—top series available immediately after Japanese broadcast.