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“TO-FU OYAKO” Lands in London with a ‘SPLAT’

They’re here! A wife searching for her husband and a young child searching for their father. Together, they are “TO-FU OYAKO”!! and these lovable mascots are MASSIVE over in Japan and around the world!

First exploding onto the world stage at the New York, Paris, and Tokyo in 2001 with the “CANON DIGITAL GALLERY” world tour, TO-FU OYAKO returned to Japan where it enjoyed immediate popularity. The cute mascot was soon merchandised by “MEDICOM TOY” and other brands, and today even enjoys a 20+ lineup of the ever-popular “TO-FU KUBRICK” toys. Having attained high levels of brand recognition and customer recognition in the Americas and Asia, TO-FU OYAKO will be coming to the UK for the first time ever!

Come and see them and other mascots at the Bumbleman Booth!