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CYBERDOG: The future is here… enjoy!

CyberdogMeeting the fashion needs wants and, let’s face it, secret desires of the British public since mankind discovered the joys of clubs and raves is Cyberdog. Operating out of their flagship (or Mothership) store in Camden, this mega-brand is focused on people who just want to have a fun time … wearing outrageously futuristic/kawaii/neon/cyber outfits.

Don’t be shy and check out their stand this summer at HYPER JAPAN. It shouldn’t be difficult to find, what with their dazzling lineup which includes the Daisuki Vibes Harajuku range, Ibiza and Tokyo-influenced new looks, the ultra-slick Future Noir and apocalyptic Cybercore lineup, summer wear to channel your pre-beach party vibe, and banging House of Neon!

CyberdogCyberdog’s clothing range is famous throughout the known universe – and pretty popular in the unknown universe as well!
Chi Chi the Space Chihuahua invented the brand when he crash landed on Earth at the end of the 20th century. He noticed the available clothing was too boring – the people of Earth surely deserved something more exciting! The result was a mash up of techno funky colours and cutting edge future shock, which inspired a generation of clubbers and space cadets alike! Cyberdog has since morphed into a brand with a more accessible urban underground vibe, which can only be expected from a company with its roots now firmly established in London’s coolest hot spot, Camden Town.