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Die Milch, electro-pop gothic lolitas

Die Milch

These lolita ladies pack quite the musical punch! Striking the perfect balance between their medieval Europe-inspired outfits and classical music sounds (both infused with a cheeky modern twist) Die Milch will undoubtedly be one of the must-see acts for both music and fashion fans at our HYPER JAPAN Festival.


Coco and Mocha pour as much love and care into their elaborate outfits and ‘living doll’ personas as into their refreshing musical style, which mixes elements from classical, pop, electro and gothic genres, and so watching them perform live is an exhilarating experience for the eyes as well as the ears! Coco’s sleek vocals combine with Mocha’s expert violin playing, while their cute visual presence almost convinces you that a couple of dolls have come to life onstage.


Die Milch have performed in France, Vietnam, the Czech Republic and the UK since releasing their first album “Metronom” in 2012. One of their songs “Rosaria” (see video below) was even used as the ending song for the program “Cinema BAR” on Chukyo TV station! Now that gothic and lolita fashion have become well-known all over the world, Die Milch are more keen than ever to spread love of these distinctive styles, as well as share their unique musical representation of medieval Europe with their international fans. Why not have a listen to some of the tunes from “Metronom”, which are now available on iTunes? If you like what you hear, their CDs can be ordered at this site!


This is an act which really has to be seen live in order to capture their true magic, and what better opportunity than at the intimate setting of our Festival Stage? Pencil Die Milch into your HYPER schedule after watching and listening to their masterful oeuvre “Rosaria” below!