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NHK WORLD presents DJ DOMO + KEIZOmachine! (HIFANA) UK Debut @HYPER Live Stage

DJ Domo in collaboration with KEIZOmachine!(HIFANA) will have its European Debut at HYPER Live! The incredible robot DJ has already wowed crowds in North America and Asia on his World Tour, and now it’s London’s turn!

Here’s how it all started… One day, Domo happened to pick up a record player in a forest and brought it back home, where his roommate Mr. Usaji kept his collection of vinyls. Domo started playing Mr. Usaji’s vinyls and slowly began to dream of being a DJ. To make his dream come true, Domo visited a nightclub owner, but seeing Domo’s poor skill, the owner turned him down. Creator Dr. DJmachine happened to see the disappointed Domo and decided to make the bipedal, walking robot “DJ Domo” – a master DJ – who went on to be Domo’s teacher!

Don’t miss DJ Domo’s European Debut event in collaboration with KEIZOmachine! (HIFANA) on Sun 16 July 15:45-16:15 at Hyper Live Stage

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