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Dreamy Bows bringing Sweet Lolita sparkle to HYPER JAPAN 2014!


We’re very excited that Dreamy Bows is returning to HYPER JAPAN this year, after a successful launch at last year’s event. Dreamy Bows is a UK-based shop specialising in a range of cute Japanese street fashion styles including lolita, gyaru, Harajuku, hime kei, fairy kei and casual kawaii. Their aim is to spread style inspiration by offering J-fashion followers in Europe a wide selection of unique and hard-to-find Japanese fashion and beauty items, without the fees and shipping issues associated with buying straight from Japan.

Dreamy Bows are very excited to be the official UK and Europe retailer for the iconic sweet lolita brand Angelic Pretty. They also stock sweet pastel accessories and jewellery brand Chocomint, shoes from Dream V, cosmetics and false lashes from Japanese brands, and their own affordable ranges of accessories, wigs, handbags and deco nails. Plus, look out for exciting new brands to be announced in the next few months before HYPER JAPAN.

Dreamy Bows offers every component needed to put together a full J-fashion look, from the shoes to the clothing to the wig to the accessories, and even the make-up! As the popularity of J-fashion grows in the UK, elements of the styles have begun to creep into our high street shops. However it is still very diluted and watered down compared with full-on styles such as fairy kei, lolita and hime gyaru – Dreamy Bows wants to spread more of this creativity and uniqueness to the UK!

If you can’t wait until HYPER JAPAN to add to your cute fashion wardrobe, you can check out their full range on their website.