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edoanime1803: Anime from 200 Years Ago


The magic behind “utsushi-e” is as simple as a flick of the wrist. A form of animation first appearing over 200 years ago in Edo (Tokyo), it’s little more than a series of of glass slides set in front of a crude candle projector. Nevertheless a show is nothing short of breathtaking. Joining us for the a magical third time, artistic troupe Minzawa is once again set to entertain with their own brand of “utsushi-e”. Remember to drop by their stand (No. B-11) where you can pick up a free postcard, and if you’re lucky, get it signed by the performers!

featuresShowing will be the longtime hit “Daruma Odori” (“The Daruma Dance“) and “Kajincho” – an animated version of the 1840 Kabuki classic of the same name. These two works of art will surely warm the heart of any anime fan with their retro feel and warm lines. More may be showing, so expect the unexpected!

An artistic group formed in 1968, Minzawa has been entertaining children and adults alike across the Japanese archipelago with their productions of shadow puppetry, “utsushi-e” and other traditional forms of Japanese theatre. Dedicated to supporting the traditional arts, the group is focused on using and keeping alive the traditional methods.