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Eir Aoi, Queen of Smash-hit Anime Songs!

Eir Aoi GENESIS Artist photo HIGH RESMusic and anime lovers, get ready to welcome pop star extraordinaire Eir Aoi onto our HYPER JAPAN stage!

Raised in the frosty city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Eir showed a great love of music from a young age, and launched her singing career after forming her own band in high school. Eir hasn’t been on the Japanese music industry radar for long – her debut single “MEMORIA” was released as recently as October 2011 – but she has already gathered a huge international fan base, and boasts an impressive number of songs featured in anime openings and endings, with 9 singles and 2 albums to date (click here to see her Amazon Music Store offerings).

In fact, if you’re a regular watcher of anime, chances are that you’ve already heard at least one of her catchy pop-rock tunes! The aforementioned “MEMORIA” was used as the first ending theme to 2011 anime series Fate/Zero, while Eir’s second and third singles, “Aurora” and “Innocence”, were used as opening themes for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and Sword Art Online. As if that wasn’t enough to ensure recognition from anime fans all over the world, Eir’s fifth single “Sirius” was also used as the opening theme to smash-hit fightathon series Kill la Kill!

Since her debut in 2011, Eir has held nearly 20 concerts overseas in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Come and see the talented and beautiful Eir Aoi’s first UK performances for yourself in our HYPER Live area at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015, where she’ll be lighting up the stage with a sensational concert of her best-known and loved songs.