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Ekotumi Brings Ancient Japanese Myths to Life

497320_5b262e449f104c2aa0116e4e7c1a0afcExperience the unique talents of Ekotumi at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016. She’s a singer, songwriter and storyteller who dedicates herself to conveying the spirit of Japan’s ancient myths and legends to a modern global audience.

Ekotumi’s soulful singing is accompanied by traditional Japanese percussion with an unmistakably modern twist. She is particularly interested in the origins of words, and her performances are praised for their poetic lyrics set to haunting melodies.


Ekotumi is a graduate of Tokyo’s prestigious Waseda university, and during her time there she already performed in many musicals, plays and even movies. Since 2010, she has embarked on an ambitious series of performances called “New Translation KOJIKI”, which references Japan’s oldest existing written chronicle, the eighth century “record of ancient matters”. Since 2015, she has expanded her activities to a global scale, to bring Japanese myths and legends to new audiences around the world.