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Exclusive to HYPER JAPAN: Hideki Kimura’s Giant Tuna Carving Show!


HYPER JAPAN is proud to present Europe’s first giant tuna carving show directed by Hideki Kimura, a specialist on tuna cutting who has made numerous appearances on Japanese television. During the show a whole giant tuna, about 4 feet long and 1 foot thick, will be carved and shaped into pieces using traditional Japanese methods. Mr Kimura is the pioneer and representative of the Japanese national tuna carving artist Association called “Magurotakumi” and is member of the Japanese Tuna fishing industry. Not only he will demonstrate the tuna carving in Matsuri style, an introductory video clip about his passion about tuna fishing and carving will be shown. Tasting for 50 people will be provided at the end of the show.

As an island nation, Japan’s national cuisine has long centred on seafood, and its tools and techniques for preparing fish have developed into an art form over the years. Tuna sashimi in particular has been loved by the Japanese since the 14th century due to its many health benefits, and exquisite taste and texture which are maximised by a properly performed carving. This task requires a high level of expertise and skill, which Mr Kimura will demonstrate in a unique and exciting performance for lucky guests at our Christmas Market this year!

131209-1浪切web素材2In 2001 Mr Kimura founded his own company named Maguro no Takumi (Tuna Craft), which aims to promote the tuna trade and to spread knowledge of the tuna carving tradition which has been passed down through generations of fish artisans. His company is certified by the JADT (Japan Association of Dismantling for Tuna), which ensures the maintenance of ethical commerce, and he actively encourages the use of more environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing methods to keep the tuna species thriving. The carving show at our Christmas Market will be performed using a yellowfin tuna from a region where the balance of this species is not threatened.

So there’s every reason to come down to our main stage and enjoy this uber-exclusive and informative experience! Discover the traditional technique of tuna carving, learn about the anatomy of tuna fish, receive handy tips on delicious tuna dishes, and enjoy a special tasting of the very freshest sashimi! If that’s not enough tuna for you, you can check out the eat MAGURO booth, where they have teamed up with chef Motohashi Yoshihiro from Eat Tokyo – our 2013 Sushi Awards champion. He will prepare the best tuna dishes in sashimi, nigiri, maki and tuna donburi styles, all at a reasonable price.