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Experience the wonderful world of kanzake (heated sake)


Along with a steadily increasing contingent of enthusiasts within the UK, we at HYPER JAPAN foster a passion for quality sake, as well as a determination to spread know-how about the diverse flavours and methods of enjoying this wonderful drink to our guests. As such, we’re particularly pleased to welcome Natsuki Kikuya from the Museum of Sake to our stage at this year’s Christmas Market, for what will no doubt be a fascinating series of seminars on ‘kanzake’ (heated sake). Japan’s tradition of drinking sake at a range of higher temperatures, from lukewarm all the way to piping hot, dates back more than 1000 years, and is still an important aspect of Japanese drinking culture today. Drinking kanzake is not only an effective method of warming up in cold weather, but also releases subtle flavours and aromas which lie unnoticed at cold temperatures within certain brews.


During these seminars, audience members will get the chance to learn about the historical origins and brewing process of this wintertime favourite, and will furthermore receive free samples of selected warm and cold sakes to illustrate the different flavour sensations featured during the talk. Viewers will also receive top tips on foods and snacks which compliment different types of sake, as well as recipes for special kanzake cocktails – sure to be a hit with friends and party guests! The seminars will take place once for each session of the Christmas Market on our second stage, so everyone is welcome to come along, learn, taste, and above all have a truly memorable HYPER JAPAN experience with the wonderful world of kanzake!