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FEMM arrive with a New Album!!

In April 2017, we had an historic event called the HYPER JAPAN Party, in which we saw great performances by FEMM and Shirobon.

We are now excited to announce that FEMM is back at HYPER JAPAN! Great news for those who missed the party, and even a greater news for those who came to the party, because they are coming this time with a BRAND NEW ALBUM!!

They are famous for their emotive rap, electronic music and unique fashion, as in “Wannabe” and other songs. In their new album, they sing 80’s and 90’s J-POP wearing old-style Japanese fashion! Of course, they’ve mixed in to these classic songs the FEMM spirit, making them into tracks that you’ll have never heard anything like before!


Riri and Lula are a dance and rap duo of mannequins with spirit.

‘F**k Boyz Get Money,’ a song with radical rap and a coquettish “TWERK” dance released in 2014, has been a smash hit “girls’ anthem” with American and European teens, supported by fashionistas and influencers all over the world. Their video has been played over 1.5 million times on YouTube.

“Vice” in the US, rave about them as a “Supergroup”. On MTV IGGY, by an overwhelming 97.7% vote in their favour, they won ‘Artist of the Week.’ Their online-only album “Femm-Isation” hit the 10th in the World Music chart within the American Billboard.

In Japan, they starred in a series of TV ads for Google Android. Plus, in 2016, they had a major debut with their first EP and album “PoW!/ L.C.S +Femm-Isation” which had its major debut on Google Android’s TV-CM New Android TV. Four music videos following this debut have been heavily repeated on MTV Japan.

They also had their recording debut in the UK, and in Huffington Post Entertainment UK FEMM were selected as one of the “6 acts to watch in 2016”.



24th(Fri) Nov 18:45

25th(Sat) Nov 13:15

26th(Sun) Nov J-Style Fashion Show with FEMM 12:15

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