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Cosplay Events at HYPER JAPAN 2014

This year we are pulling out all the stops for Cosplay at HYPER JAPAN!

Ready, steady, suit-up: after the spectacular shows last year we’re getting set for even more cosplay fun in 2014! HYPER JAPAN is the event where UK cosplayers get to step up to the world stage, so all eyes will be on HYPER JAPAN in 2014 for the next ultimate UK cosplayers!

The HYPER JAPAN cosplay team will be involved in the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2015 UK preliminaries this November, but there’s plenty more action before then:


We’re proud to announce that we will be one again hosting the UK Preliminaries for the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) contest this year, an exciting contest bringing together cosplayers from all over Europe!

More details about the ECG at HYPER JAPAN 2014 can be found here. You can download the rules and entry pack in advance here


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July

The COSParade is a chance for both experienced and beginner cosplayers to show off their costumes on the HYPER JAPAN stage! Simply strut your stuff on our catwalk, and we’ll be dishing out prizes for the best costumes. Prizes TBC.

There are two ways to enter:


You can download the rules and entry form here. However, pre-registration is now closed.

On the day

There will be a small number of places reserved for on-the-day entries. Arrive early to avoid disappointment!

HYPER OTACHIDAI & Photo Gathering

HYPER JAPAN 2014 will feature our biggest and best HYPER-OTACHIDAI to date!

Taking advantage of Earls Court 1’s larger area, we’re setting up a special space for cosplaying HJ attendees to show off their costumes and get some lovely snaps taken, with lighting set up especially for photography. While it is open to all attendees, we are organising slots for meetups and gatherings with a theme, you can see the details here.

Cosplay workshop & Guests

Learn how to make costumes with community staff
Our HYPER JAPAN Cosplay area isn’t just for the finished product this year, as more experienced and knowledgeable members of the cosplay community will be on hand demonstrating techniques to help you make the costume of your dreams just that little bit better.

Facilities for Cosplayers

HYPER JAPAN offers full changing room and costume repair facilities for cosplayers. The changing rooms are open to all cosplayers attending HYPER JAPAN, but priority will be given to event contestants during busy times.
If you have any questions about cosplaying at HYPER JAPAN, please email [email protected]

Weapons and Props

For safety reasons, cosplayers are allowed to carry props as part of their costume as long as they are shorter than 1.5m, made from a lightweight material and have all sharp edges rounded off. If your weapon / prop is heavier or larger, you can take it on stage during the contests but please leave it at the Cosplay Desk while you walk around the event.