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Kawaii x Metalcore = DEADLIFT LOLITA!!!

Kawaii x muscles = the physically strongest idol duo on the planet!? We are so excited to announce that DEADLIFT LOLITA is coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018!

Can you believe that they are idols, AND pro-wrestlers!? Their performance will definitely be full of spirit and energy. Get ready to dance, sing and get pumped up together!




The redefinition of “Kawaii”!!! “DEADLIFT LOLITA”, the physically strongest idol group on earth, was born of the fusion of Kawaiiness, muscles, and joy!!! The group has 2 members: Ladybeard, a Kawaiicore Idol and pro-wrestler, and Reika Saiki, also a pro-wrestler and bodybuilding Idol.

The pure destruction of Ladybeard’s screams joins forces with the charm and delicacy of Reika Seiki’s alto vocals to pump you up like never before! With a dance performance guaranteed to burn through the calories, you`re going to need your sports drink by the end of this show! The strongest ever cheer team for those who love Japanese subculture around the world has finally arrived!

The group has performed not only in Japan but also in many foreign countries such as the US, China, Taiwan, and Spain since March 2017. This year, they will be on stage in Brazil and the UK for the first time!


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