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Cosplay Stage/Photoshoot Timetable


12pm Marvel VS DC
12.30pm Vocaloid
1pm Bleach VS Naruto
1.30pm Reserved (TBC)
2pm Magical Girl Any character from a magical girl based anime series – Card Captors, Puella Magi Madoka Magia, Pretty Cure, Chobits etc
2.30pm Pokémon
3pm Shonen Any character from a shonen based manga series – Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball etc
3.30pm Studio Ghibli
4pm School Girl/Boy Attendees wearing futoko style outfits
4.30pm Mecha Anime
5pm Game Characters
5.30pm Attack on Titan
6pm Comics/films/TV
6.30pm Final Fantasy
7pm Comics/films/TV


9.15am Misc
10am Misc
11am Pokemon/Fursuits
11.30am Vocaloid
12pm Cosplay Guests Special
12.30pm RWBY
1pm League of Legends
1.30pm Disney
4pm Studio Ghibli Any character from the films such as Totoro, Kiki, Howl etc
4.30pm Sailor Moon
5pm Fashion Photoshooting (Cosplay at main stage)
5.30pm Attack on Titan
6pm Kill La Kill
6.30pm Horror anime/manga Hell Girl, Another, High School of the Dead etc
7pm Bleach
7.30pm Naruto
7.45pm Comics/film/TV


10am Miscellaneous
10.30am Vocaloid
11am Mecha mecha themed cosplay e.g. Gurren Lagaan, Gundam, Transformers etc.
11.30am Game Characters
12pm Studio Ghibli with VCosplay
12.30pm Reserved
1pm One Piece
1.30pm School Girl/Boy
2pm Sailor Moon
2.30pm Fashion Photoshooting (ECG/Cosplay at main stage)
3pm Fashion Photoshooting (ECG/Cosplay at main stage)
3.30pm Fashion Photoshooting (ECG/Cosplay at main stage)
4pm Dragon Ball Z
4.30pm Fairy Tail
5pm School Girl/Boy from shows such as K-On, Fruit Basket or cosplayers in general school style
5.30pm Disney
6pm Comics/Films/TV