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Anison Evolution

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Sat 1
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Squeeze into one album influences from jazz, rock, pop, Japanese and Western music and you get Anison Evolution!! Pushing the boundaries of music that can be tied to genres! Anison Evolution is a unique Japanese band that you will instantly fall in love with!

Message from Anison Evolution (Vo. & Gt. Takaaki Konno)


Total sound artist led by TAKAAKI(Takaaki Konno)next generation Anison cover band. Apart from vocal& Gt TAKAAKI, the bands are characterized by innovative bands styles, in which members are exchanged each time by project, work. The first celebration to be formed is organized by five talented musicians active in various genres of music scenes such as Rock, Jazz, Latin and Japanese music. It is the best concept to convey the energy and impression of Anison to a wide range of people as well as Anison fans, raising the unique music style “Jazzy Rocks” which crossover all genres.


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