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BANG Explodes On-stage!

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Stuttering, jerky, “stop-and-go” motion in a streaming video is annoying, but is at the core of ‘Animation Dance’. People who can perform in this style are simply mind-bogglingly talented. When fused with fluid, swooping movements, the result pushes the human body to new limits.

Artist BANG is a master of this modern-robotic dance form and we are happy to announce he will be taking to the stage again this summer for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018!

Don’t miss the sensational moves that propelled this artist to the winning spot at the UK DANCE ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP 2015!

Message from BANG


BANG is a Japanese Solo Performer of the unique art of Animation Dance. In addition to performing this unusual dance style, he includes techniques such as video projection and special effects to create a one-of-a-kind show. His style ranges from light and catchy to dark and dramatic. BANG became a solo animation performer in 2007 when he was attracted by its free style, creativity and flexibility. He liked that he could combine various skills, such as his experience of gymnastics, DJing, magic and other dance styles into one performance.


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