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They come from afar… EZYPT!

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Sat 2
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Expect a electro festival on the stage! A front row pass into the Tokyo electronic scene with all the quirks, that can only come from such an eclectic birthplace!

Bright and strong newcomers to HYPER JAPAN, bringing the best of Japanese dance music. All round performers, who are guaranteed to open up a world of Japanese music to those who love base-heavy beats or those who are yet to have this Tokyo underbelly revealed to them!


Prepare yourself for the EZYPT Entertainment Revolution! Pharaoh, Patra, and Pyramy met when Gods walked the earth, and they formed the electro band “EZYPT”. They will throw you into their gorgeous, stylish pop tornado for an epic collision of funky electro beats, disco sound, and over-the-top lyrics. Providing pure joy to audiences since 2011, these three happy, shiny people share their explosive addiction to life through their dynamic, catchy melodies. They have also performed live in London, Paris and Vietnam. EZYPT’s chaotic sound and elegant fashion has no second in the Tokyo scene. EZYPT create chaotic dramatic ELECTRO POP from the exuberant streets of TOKYO for the ELECTRONIC GENERATION.


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