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Hear them … ROA 😊

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Sat 2
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(Photo by Shin Ishihara)

Here’s the FIRST performer’s announcement for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018… ROA!

They are an upcoming rising star of the alternative Shamisen rock! Their straightforward melody perfectly matches with the sound of shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. Clearly, they are not one of these bands who awkwardly combine a shamisen into their music only to say “hey, we are mixing the modern and traditional music!” ROA’s music is born to be in their style.


Plus, don’t miss their powerful stage performance! Get ready to dance, jump, and shout!

Message from ROA

ROA is a Japanese alternative rock band formed by drummer AKABA, originally a member of Japanese melodic hard core band SNAIL RAMP, who received No.1 on the Japanese Oricon weekly chart, appearing on TV and radio, playing to a sold out show of 100,000, and stated as the next band in line to Hi-STANDARD.

ROA started in Tokyo, Japan on April 2014, with the concept of “Wayo Settyu”, meaning a blend of Japanese and Western styles, by mixing the sound of guitar rock and Tsugaru Shamisen, one of the best-known Japanese instruments.


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