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Final Cosplay Guests and ECG + Cosparade Judges!

Samie Cosplay

One of our judges for ECG – European Cosplay Gathering UK preliminaries is Samie Cosplay– all the way from Denmark! Samie has represented her country in the World Cosplay Summit in 2012, the European Cosplay Gathering in 2013 and was selected to take part at the World Cosplay Masters 2013.

Samie has been cosplaying for 5 years and is a trained seamstress assistant. Samie loves to use cosplay as a way to be creative and challenge herself, especially by trying out new stuff – but most importantly, cosplay to her is about enjoying what you do. Samie’s biggest joy when it comes to cosplay is the performance, she loves to get on stage and deliver an entertaining show that the audience will never forget!




Lex aka Cosplex has been cosplaying for 10 years and is based in Aberdeen! Recently, cosplay has taken her to many different countries and she has represented the UK during WCS 2012 and ECG 2014. She is most comfortable creating all things fabric based with cosplay providing a creative outlet from her day to day job as a petrophysicist in the oil industry.



Totoro superfan, Vcosplay is all about the fun that cosplays brings him,  cosplay gives him an artistic outlet from his day job in IT. VCosplay built Totoro as he is a HUGE fan and wanted to try his hand at building something that replicated Myazakis amazing work! Descriving himself as arty, nerdy and gadget mad Vcosplay can’t wait to get photos with you, judge our Saturday Cosparde and provide a fursuit workshop Sunday.




This experienced cosplayer got into cosplay a number of years ago. In the past few years he has challenged himself, winning awards at several conventions and even represented the UK at the 2011 Eurocosplay Championship. Since then he has been a regular judge at numerous events, including HYPER JAPAN! TheKillingDoll will be one of the four ECG judges.

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Chiquitita Cosplay

Chiquitita cosplay our Spanish seamstress has a degree in costume design and specialises in millinery and corsetry. She has  produced costumes for several theatre shows around the country. Her love of history has insired her creations, she has a soft spot for the tudors! At Hyper Japan Chiquitita will be providing demos and workshops for adults and children. Chiquitita will also have a stall selling signed prints.

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