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Fuka Mariwo Perfectly Blends Traditional and Modern

Experience a scintillating blend of everything that’s great about both traditional and modern Japanese music at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017, with the UK debut performance by talented singer and performer Fuka Mariwo. Playing her special shamisen and dressed in her beautiful kimono, she may look like a traditional Japanese entertainer, but her sound is eclectic and up-to-the-minute, blending traditional genres with modern genres and instruments.

Fuka Mariwo is dedicated to discovering new musical possibilities by fusing traditional Japanese music with modern sounds to striking effect. She’s pushing geographic boundaries too, by performing in the UK for the first time ever at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017. Fuka is particularly passionate about the nagauta genre of music, originally developed to accompany kabuki theatre, which she grew up listening to. She has introduced her unique sound to audiences in France and Germany, and is looking forward to doing the same for the HYPER JAPAN audience.