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Fukubiki fun at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

Combine the Japanese characters for “luck” (福) and “pull/draw” (引) and what do you get? That’s right! It’s a tombola!

Pronounced “fukubiki”, this oft-seen Japanese game of luck has a history stretching way back. Originally, “fukubiki” referred to the New Years’ tradition of stretching a pounded blob of mochi (sticky rice) between two people like a Christmas cracker, and the person who ended up with the larger share would receive good luck for that year.

Nowadays, fukubiki are largely used in supermarkets and shopping centres as a way of promoting certain goods, or else as a fun activity in festivals – much like our own tombolas, raffles and lucky dips which seem to pop up whenever school fairs or mayday celebrations are afoot. The process is simple: an attendant turns the handle on the octagonal fukubiki box, which spins around the variously coloured balls within until one of them pops out a hole in the side. White is usually the lowest (and most common) score, followed by a few other colours of increasing rank up until gold – the main prize.

Lucky visitors to our Christmas Market will be able to experience this exciting game of chance, with lots of special prizes just waiting for you to pop out that golden ball! We’ve sourced an authentic fukubiki wheel all the way from Japan to add to the festive spirit, so come along, try your luck, and potentially win big with our HYPER Fukubiki!