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With brush and ink, he wrote…

Using nothing more than a humble calligraphy brush and ink, calligraphy artist Taro Fukushika has been bringing smiles to people’s faces.

How, you might ask?

It’s very simple; he just looks at “you” for inspiration and once it hits him, the brush begins to move.

But if you’re thinking that this is calligraphy, be warned. What Taro Fukushika does is so much more than calligraphy.

This November at HYPER JAPAN Christmas, come see Taro Fukushika as he continues his journey of inspired writing. Performing live in front of you, Taro will take brush and ink to paper as he channels whatever inspiration comes his way. Each performance is influenced by “you” the audience; without “you” there is no performance! Come see him in the MIYABI room.


Hailing from Hyogo Prefecture, Taro Fukushika began a career as a care worker after graduating from Kobe College of Medical Welfare. A fateful encounter with one of his patients led him to pick up brush and ink and jump into a career as a artist. Starting off on a small patch of sidewalk, he soon graduated to events across Japan and beyond. Along the way, he also launched a cafe, published books, and even appeared in movies. Currently he divides his time between events both at home and abroad, private exhibitions, workshops and lectures.