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Traditional Culture Space ‘MIYABI’: Craft Gallery

HYPER JAPAN is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with a Japanese artist collective to present “Traditional Culture Space ‘MIYABI'”. Designed to showcase the elegance and beauty of Japanese handicrafts, this special gallery will feature a collection of over 200 different types of Japanese works of art from 34 different artists and craftspeople. The gallery will also feature a central stage where several of the visiting artists will be demonstrating how they create their masterpieces.

The creations on offer will not be your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced items so often found in shops catering to tourists, but individual works of art, lovingly hand-crafted using methods stretching back a thousand years. Each and every work of art on display will be available for purchase, so this will be the perfect opportunity to pick up an authentic Japanese handicraft, be it as a holiday gift or for your home. When you consider that most hand-made works of art such as these rarely make it out of Japan, it’s simply too great an opportunity to miss!

There will be a variety of handicrafts on offer, including calligraphy, ceramics, figurines, and Japanese paintings. Also available will be pieces made from vintage kimonos and works of traditional paper craft. Fancy some glass beads with a delicate crane and cherry blossom design, decorating a lacquered hairpin? Perhaps a traditional “ichimatsu” display doll wearing a bright red kimono and a white and gold “obi” sash. Each item is totally unique and bears the proud mark of the artist who crafted it. And since they’ll all be available for purchase, no more sighs of regret as you look upon the perfect handicraft saddled with a “display only” tag!

Traditional Culture Space ‘MIYABI’
An artist collective consisting of 34 artists/groups, Traditional Culture Space ‘MIYABI’ seeks to showcase the Japanese sense of beauty prevalent in handicrafts. The artist focus on traditional handicrafts, but also seek to present the traditional in a more modern light.The members of the collective, hailing from across Japan, have traveled extensively around Japan and abroad – all the while spreading the Japanese aesthetic of beauty.